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Nigeria Abuja or Lagos?

Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Ibadan, Benin, Port Harcourt, Jos or Ilorin all have their special place in the history of Nigeria. What makes Nigeria special has always been the kindness and hospitality shown by Nigerians to foreigners like me.

Why Nigeria is Special to Me

Whenever I return to Nigeria and a blanket of warm air greets me as the aircraft door opens, I am overcome with tears of joy.

I first arrived in Lagos airport in 1964, when flying was a much simpler affair, and the Lagos airport was small enough to allow a speedy disembarkation.

At this stage in the interest of transparency I should that Lagos will always be where I call home, even if I now live in England. As they say “Home is where the heart is”.

Certainly, this is not to say that Abuja is not a fabulous city, but it did not exist at that time and to be honest I love the smell of the ocean.

Abuja is to this day an absolute miracle that I would never have imagined all those years ago. To me who lived through the civil war it is also a testament to the vision of uniting all peoples of Nigeria. Long may The Centre of Unity continue to prosper.

Abuja does have a number of advantages, one of comes from being well designed, so that street layouts make travel in the city much easier than Lagos.

Residency Invest Abuja, Nigeria

Whilst I do love the ocean I must admit that when I get time off in Abuja I will often go camping at the Usuma dam

Camping and Kayaking are so much better in warm weather :-)

Residency Invest Offices in Abuja & Lagos.

Sadly Covid-19 put an end to the Residency Invest office plans in Abuja as we could not sustain empty offices in both Abuja and Lagos. So it was that we moved our HQ office to London, UK.

Happily, we are now better equipped to help investors in Abuja (and Lagos) with all manner of residency and citizenship visas for USA and Europe.

Visas like the EB-5 Investor visa that also allows you and your family to get Green Card residency visas. There is also the E2 non-immigrant visa where we have specialists to help you if you simply wish to take advantages of US residency, but not migrate.

Both these types of investor visa allow you and your family to make use of a number of benefits US citizens enjoy, like the US education system.

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