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VISA FREE TRAVEL TO 26 SHENGEN COUNTRIES Once you receive the Portugal Golden Residence Permit, you will be able to travel visa free to all 26 Schengen Zone Countries. If you later apply for Portugal Citizenship (after 5 years), the Portugal Passport is rated 4th in the world for ease of travel, with visa-free access to 186 countries. Austria Germany Lithuania Slovakia Belgium Greece Luxembourg Slovenia Czech Republic Hungary Malta Spain Denmark [...]

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Second Passports – An Upsurge in Demand for Immigration by Investment

Driven by the change in lifestyles brought about by the sudden pandemic, reports are coming in of an upsurge in demand from more than 25% of the world’s wealthiest individuals wanting to obtain a second passport or residency in another country. There have been increasing concerns within the EU that some countries such as Malta and Cyprus were making it too easy for foreigners to acquire citizenships and passports through Citizenship by [...]

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